Coinbase ecommerce button pay open Metamask

Hi, I use Coinbase Ecommerce for button Pay in website. Problem is: When user click button pay, I don’t want to open Coinbase window,but, I want to open Metamask and user pay via Metamask.

Does any solution? Thank you.

Hi @khoaphp

Welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Forum! We understand that you want to redirect users to Metamask instead of Coinbase when they click on the Payment button while accepting Crypto Payments. In reference to this query, we have referred this to our internal teams and we request your patience while we get back to you on this. Please stay in touch.

Hi @khoaphp

Hope you are doing well. After verifying this with our internal teams, we would like to let you to know that this is not possible. However once the payer on the payments page they can send funds from their Metamask wallet to the on-chain address. We hope this clarifies. Feel free to let us know if you have further questions.

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