Coinbase Cloud APIs vs Coinbase Digital APIs

Hi, I just started exploring Coinbase APIs and found that

What is the difference between those APIs? Will all Digital APIs be migrated under the Coinbase Cloud?

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:wave: Yes, please refer to the docs.

“Yes” meaning that all Coinbase Digital APIs will be eventually migrated to Coinbase Cloud? I went through the docs before posting my question and haven’t found mentioning of this.
I’m asking because I need an API call for getting spot prices and I found one only in ‘old’ Coinbase Digital API, there is no equivalent yet in Coinbase Cloud

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I spoke too soon, I actually found the Price endpoints under the “Sign in with Coinbase” in Coinbase Cloud: " Welcome"

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No problem! I’m glad you found the docs you were looking for :slight_smile:

@snovgorodsky - Thanks again for bringing this up. Our team is reviewing to ensure that we keep the most relevant page and information available. At this time, please continue to use We appreciate your continued contributions!