Can no longer deposit to Pro

In Important Update for Coinbase Pro API Users you clearly state that

Coinbase Pro APIs will not be impacted or sunsetted until a suitable replacement is available on Coinbase Advanced Trade.

However you disabled deposits from Coinbase to Pro entirely (at least for me) and there is no Advanced Trade API, so this completely ruins my application.
Please take a look at this again.

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They did the same to me

Hello @titanfeleris! Thank you for taking an interest in trying out Coinbase APIs. For the details regarding your concern, we will check on this for you with our team. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!

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Okay since it doesn’t seem we will ever get a response or a fix, I guess the only solution to this problem is to “reverse-engineer” the Coinbase login system and Advanced Trade.

Hello @titanfeleris and @uvinodk. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we checked this with our team.

As we transition from Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade, transfers from to Pro are no longer available.

While you are unable to transfer funds from to Coinbase Pro, you can still deposit directly to your Coinbase Pro account. Rollout of the Advanced Trade API is expected later this fall, which will not require transfer of funds out of

Thank you!

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Yes, except off-chain deposits to Coinbase Pro for some reason are deposited to your normal Coinbase account instead, which basically means the funds get locked out, because we can no longer move them to Pro due to this ridiculous change.

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** Coinbase Pro APIs will not be impacted or sunsetted until a suitable replacement is available on Coinbase Advanced Trade.*

Hello @Coinbase,

It looks like coinbase pro API is already deprecating (removing) features. We can no longer transfer funds from coinbase to coinbase pro. Until the new API is working please re-enable this feature. Also, we would like to request advanced trading api maintain the same capabilities and keep the PORTFOLIOS. This is a great feature and it looks like it might be removed.

We are using both coinbase API and coinbase pro together; we need a unique deposit address and portfolios. For security and fund management we want to separate funds and protect or assets from loss due to any single API key.

this is the error message - {“errors”:“Status code 403 {"message":"As we transition Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade, transfers from to Pro are no longer available."}”}

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We are requesting re-enable until the new API is up and PORTFOLIOS for advanced trade.

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You are saying that ** Coinbase Pro APIs will not be impacted or sunsetted until a suitable replacement is available on Coinbase Advanced Trade.*

We are getting the same error as this, this is stopping our app to work; we havnt expected that from you side; please enable this until you have alternative up.

<Create address
Creates a new address for an account. As all the arguments are optional, it’s possible just to do a empty POST which will create a new address. This is handy if you need to create new receive addresses for an account on-demand.
Addresses can be created for wallet account types.> – in coinbase

In pro - it generates only 1 address against 1 crypto
Generate crypto address
Generates a one-time crypto address for depositing crypto.

We are using different QR code to make deposits for every invoices

@xprocoinpay @amansharma - Thank you for posting. Working on getting this sorted for both of you (and anyone else) with the necessary information and next steps.

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@xprocoinpay @amansharma - As previously announced, we are excited to bring all the functionality of Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade on As we prepare for this transition in the coming weeks, we are shifting our development efforts to Advanced Trade in the Coinbase app. We hope that you will use the send/receive functionality there, which includes a number of additional features that are not available on Pro:

  • You can send or receive to any wallet address or ENS name in just a few taps
  • You can send crypto instantly for free by sending to a phone number or email address

If you use address allowlisting on Pro, your allowlisting settings and addresses are automatically transferred over to when you send crypto

Hello arrod,

As you suggested we added all our requirements and feedback request to the feedback section of the forum.

We built our applications around using coinbase for one time deposit address and then transferring to coinbase pro to use the exchange, (payment method) withdrawal and segregation of funds with the use of portfolios. Now the transfer from coinbase TO coinbase pro has been stopped so our app is broken. Are expected volumes will be 50-100 million USD a month.

We are requesting the following features of the Advanced Trade API:

  1. Support for portfolios and wallets like PRO to segregate funds
  2. unique deposit address (one time generate) on the portfolio or default portfolio to identify each deposit and where it should be transferred.
  3. unlimited portfolios on one account
  4. ability to enable or disable deposit/withdraw/transfers/exchange for any portfolio
  5. separate API keys for each portfolio
  6. transfer between any portfolio
  7. Full trade functionality for coin to coin and coin to fiat (USD/EUR)
  8. Access to withdrawal payment methods for API withdrawal to Bank SEPA/SWIFT

9) name portfolio with unique name (50 chars or more)
10) name deposit address (50 chars or more)
11) name withdrawal address (50 chars or more)
12) add unique string to each transaction (50 chars or more

@xprocoinpay Thank you for your suggestions! We will certainly pass these along and follow up.


Thank you for providing context on the above ask! However, sadly this deprecation of the API still means that this core functionality is broken and many folks which maintain API driven applications are unable to programmatically deposit funds to Coinbase PRO using ACH etc…

As this is a core functionality, and there is no clear timeline for when this functionality will be available for in Advanced Trade’s API, I would consider this functionality regressed and not deprecated.

I recognize there is a lot going on at Coinbase, but in order to help developers build with confidence against your services I would suggest:

  • Adding this functionality back to Coinbase Pro
  • Giving a clear timeline on when Advance Trade’s API will be available.

As I am sure you know, Coinbase is much more expensive than alternative exchanges, and with this lack of transparency in a cost sensitive domain Coinbase is making it very worth the upfront cost to convert my existing applications to run on another platforms.

@brendan - check out the announcement we just made About the Advanced Trade API category