Can I create Trade API with oauth Bearer token?

Can I create Trade API with oauth Bearer token ?
What I want to do is that

  1. User sign up with Coinbase Account
  2. Get the Bearer token from Coinbase server for the user
  3. Create trade API KEY with the Bearer token
  4. User the API KEY to trader later

Hope this is possible.

I know I can trade with Bearer token but, JWT expires in 3600 and if I want to trade day after. the token should already be expired. Thus, I will have to keep the session up (refreashing every hour to keep the tokwn alive). Which is not really a good approach. I would just keep API KEY to trade.

You can create an API key - see documentation here.

Well… thats not the way I wanted to know. but thx anyway.
I want to create API Key with Bearer token through API not with the UI. :slight_smile:

API keys and Bearer tokens are separate auth methods, so you can’t create an API key with a Bearer token.

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thank you! ok I will just try with current oauth2