Buy / Sell created by Sign In with Coinbase

I am able to create orders (Buy / Sell) from sign in with coinbase api endpoints in my application but these orders dosen’t show up in user’s coinbase account. If anyone have any idea about can you help me on that ?

Hi @abdulwahab! Welcome to the forum! Based on the screenshots that you have provided, we can see that you are actually accessing the Order Management section of the Advanced Trade dashboard. This is why you are not able to see the Buy/Sell transactions that you are expecting, since this section is actually dedicated to display trade orders that are currently awaiting fulfillment as well as your complete trade order history.

With this, we would like to suggest that you access the Trade section from the dashboard instead and be sure to select "Simple " Trade tab. This is where you can browse the Recent transactions related to Buys or Sells Transactions under Sign In with Coinbase.

We hope this helps! Please let us know if there’s anything else that we can assist with. Thank you and have a great day!