Bug in leavesQty (tag 150) in FIX since weekend production change

Hi. We’ve noticed a serious bug in Coinbase’s FIX service since the weekend. I’m not sure where to submit bug reports. Could somebody please redirect as appropriate?

Since a recent update to FIX in the Coinbase Exchange production service over the weekend, leavesQty (FIX tag 151) has begun being set to 0 on new order acknowledgements (35=8, 150=0), and set to non-zero on cancels (35=8, 150=4). I expect fills and rejects probably have the same problem but haven’t investigated.

This is in reverse to the expectation based on the FIX standard that leavesQty be the outstanding size on the order. ie the full order size on new order acknowledgements and 0 on cancels. This was working correctly as expected last week before the weekend change.

Hello @rprije. I am sorry to hear you are having issues. You can open a ticket and report this bug through our Coinbase Contact Us form.
Please Select Coinbase Pro > Other Issues > API Issues/Questions > Other API Issues, questions or feedback > FIX

As for the FIX issues/bugs, we will check on this with our team and will get back to you as soon as we have an update. Keep in touch.


Thanks. Yeah, I tried that form. It has a restricted set of topics that can be selected from, none of which apply to bug reports. I tried some of them and got generic automated email replies addressing only the selected topic. Seems to be an email based FAQ rather than a way to report problems.

Hello @rprije! We are still in the process of improving the Coinbase Contact Us form and we really appreciate the feedback. As for the FIX issue, we asked the responsible team and were told that this has already been addressed. Please let us know if you are now seeing a LeavesQty of 0 for cancels. Thank you!


Perfect, thanks. Tested some cancels, rejects, fills and partial fills all in sandbox and leavesQty appears to now be behaving correctly. Thanks.


Hi @rprije , thanks for the confirmation and good to know that it is working fine now.

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