Bug: 500 internal error on /transaction_summary for new accounts

Testing out the Beta AT API and I am getting the below 500 error with the message:

{"error":"INTERNAL","error_details":"internal error","message":"internal error"}

It may be better if this endpoint can return an empty, zero or null values instead of a server error

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Hello @JaysonBH! Welcome to the forum! For the details regarding your concern, the error shown in the /transaction_summary endpoint is something that our team is already aware of. We’re currently looking into it and are still working with the teams to ensure this is addressed accurately for you.

For now, you may refer to this post thread for the workaround. A community member shared resolution steps to make the endpoint working as we fix our documentation.

We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this.


@JaysonBH see Get Transactions Summary

(the parameter user_native_currency mandatory)

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