Balance not fully transferred!

For EUR, USDC, USDT, BTC and ETH I still have some balance that is under max_precision. While that is basically nothing balance should be transferred fully!

 BTC, balance: 0.0000000037959244
 DAI, balance: 0.0000000011052000
 ETH, balance: 0.0000000078600000
 EUR, balance: 0.0054440894530500
USDC, balance: 0.0000004837055000
USDT, balance: 0.0000000561296000

Hi @muktupavels! We understand our regular users are facing issues while migrating. We reached out to our team regarding your issue. According to them the rest of the balance should be transferred soon too. We are always here to help if you face any issues.
We hope this helps.

Nice to hear, except I did not want to migrate!

Hey @muktupavels! We understand this has been hard and it is very inconvenient for you. You have been one of our most active forum users and we really appreciate all the contributions that you have made answering posts and sharing feedbacks. It has really been helpful and so much valuable. We know a lot of the features are still yet to come and the migration may feel like it is not improving the experience at the moment. The vision for Advanced trade has always been improvement and providing a more simpler way to do advanced trading on our platform and we are constantly trying to do so.
Our teams are already working on the upcoming features and slowly we will be able to launch the features one by one. We would only request you to please bear with us, you have trusted us this long and we request for some more time, and we will try our best to make the user experience as better as possible. Again, it’s a request to please share your insights and help us out in doing so.
Thank you for all you have done till now for this community!

Then why migration has been forced on users? I can not port my bot to new API because of those missing features…

Can you be more specific on time? Are you talking about days, months or years? Sorry, but past experience shows that “some more time” could easily mean year or more.

Hey @muktupavels! Unfortunately, we can not provide an ETA at the moment however I can assure you that the team is working on new features to bring.

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Is there any update?

@muktupavels Let’s wait till Monday. If the rest of the amount is not transferred, let us know and we will escalate the issue.

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It is not transferred.

Remaining value is very low, under min_size from Currencies endpoint. But I still do want to see whole balance transferred!

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Hey @muktupavels! We understand that. I will be sharing this with our team so that they can look into it.

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@muktupavels can you please raise a support ticket with us sharing this issue and a link to this post and we will go ahead and look into your account to help resolve this. Let us know once you are done with it.

@Loop_11 Here 17261595

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Thank you @muktupavels! Looking into it!
Update: One of our team members have accepted the case and is working on it to resolve the issue

May I ask you to poke related member / team to provide some update? I replied to first email ~3 days ago… Would be nice to receive some reply that response has been received, problem has been understood or something like that.

Unrelated to API but I will ask anyway - can you reach related team for case #17207449? That case is with no response for ~8 days. Same deal, even if there are no immediate solution, it would be nice if some status / progress would be reported.

Hey @muktupavels! Apologies for the delay. Seems like it was transferred to some other team, I am working on this ticket now. We can continue the discussion there too.