/api/v3/brokerage/product_book returning error 'circuit breaker open. See go/circuit-breaker-troubleshooting'

Hi all, anyone else seeing ‘circuit breaker open’ errors from the product_book call? This is happening with the common books I’m looking at (BTC-USD, etc.). Seems to have started today?

Full error is:

{‘error’: ‘unknown’, ‘error_details’: ‘circuit breaker open. See go/circuit-breaker-troubleshooting’, ‘message’: ‘circuit breaker open. See go/circuit-breaker-troubleshooting’}


Yes, I am seeing same error.

keep getting this too, any updates on a fix ?

I am getting the same error message as well.

Hi @GeeDan

This error usually occurs when the system perceives a fault in the service causing it to “open” the circuit and stop all requests to that service. This is a mechanism to prevent a cascading failure and allow the service to recover. If you’re being met with a ‘circuit breaker open’ error, it may be that the service is temporarily unavailable or undergoing maintenance. From the error message you provided, it seems you are being directed to a troubleshooting page (go/circuit-breaker-troubleshooting). You should follow this link for more specific instructions on how to handle these errors. There’s also possibility that the ‘Product Book’ API call you are making might be incorrect or violating the rate limits set by the API. From the document you included, it appears the Exchange API has a specific rate limit (The REST API rate limit has been increased from 10 to 20 requests per second on 2023-MAY-25). Make sure your request frequency is within this limit to avoid such issues.

Thanks @Sandy . Where would I find this go/ page?

Like I said, this just started happening, no changes on my end.

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Also, the REST API limit is stated to be 30/sec, see Advanced Trade API Rate Limits | Coinbase Cloud

I am getting the same error consistently. Definitely not over rate limits

It happened rarely before but something has changed and now it is happening often

It is quite impactful because sometimes it will happen when trying to place an order

Sounds like AI response… This is 100% not end user problem!


Appears to be fixed (for now?).