Any Web2 Support?

I have been poking around with the Coinbase Cloud documentation, and pardon any confusion here, but it appears that it’s all web3-oriented. At the same time, web2 is alive and well. :slight_smile: There that are looking to transfer value from A to B and do not want to saddle their customers with installing (and managing any security risks of) an extension.

My confusion is further compounded by there being a Coinbase API that allows users to transfer value in but not out as it is currently very broken.

(In fact that thread’s recommendation is to view Coinbase Cloud which is the reason why I am here)

Is there a way to integrate Coinbase Wallet with a simple Oauth2 connection to a user’s coinbase account to transfer value in and out?

Thank you for any assistance/suggestions you can provide.

Hello @Mike-E. To answer your question regarding OAuth2 authentication, unfortunately, OAuth2 is only available for the Sign In With Coinbase API as of this moment. You may find more information about Sign in with Coinbase’s OAuth2 at

Just to be sure that we understand the scenario you are asking about completely, can you provide us with the following information:

  • We noticed that the concern reported in the Github post was about the API endpoint,, returning a 400 Bad Request response. Were you also experiencing the same problem? If yes, can you provide a screenshot of the code along with the error message you are receiving?

For the meantime, you may explore the features of Transactions endpoint at

Thank you!


Thank you for your reply @LaRisa it is appreciated. As for the /transactions endpoint you are correct in your understanding. I was not the only person experiencing problems with this endpoint and you can actually see several attempts along with screenshots in that thread of people experiencing problems with it. In my case I was attempting to call this operation in particular:

As it’s been over two years with no support (until now :grin:) I no longer have the code/scenario readily available to me to produce the requested information. I will see if I can get that information for you, however. In the meantime there are plenty of examples in the thread by bchavez (who I will see if I can get here on this thread as well).

Thank you again for your interest/concern for this item! It means a lot considering we spent over two years getting nothing from that thread from anyone at Coinbase. :slight_smile:

Sounds like that’s a “no” for bchavez:

As you can see, there are not a lot of good impressions of Coinbase tech due to this issue and many more.

Hi @Mike-E, thank you for raising this. We will relay this information to our engineers to investigate the issue.


Great, thank you @bruuuh it is greatly appreciated. The bigger issue in my mind is the attention to support on your GitHub repositories. Again, this was reported (and complained about) for over 2.5 years without nearly the attention/care that I am seeing here on these forums.

I would greatly recommend and appreciate knowing you are also taking time to communicate these issues with GitHub maintainers to have them be more active with their communities there. Even a simple “yes we know it’s a problem and we’re aware of it” or “go bug the developers here on the official forums” is so much better than simply ignoring it and having developers twist in the wind.

OK rant-2.5-years-in-the-making aside, I will be setting my environment back up here to see if I can get this reproduced for you with better information directly from me.

Thank you again for your attention and care for this issue. :pray:


Hi @bruuuh & @LaRisa I have found the time to dig through this and am still experiencing a problem accessing the Transactions API. I have created a new thread for your review here:

Thank you for any assistance you can provide. :pray: