Advanced Trading vs Pro (API)

I’ve been using the Pro API for awhile now, and on my last few logins to the pro website i’ve been pinged about ‘advanced trading’ that is now on coinbase with all the same features. I’ve checked it out, and I like the upgrades. My question is; does this new advanced trading use it’s own API separate from Pro? I guess i’m kinda scratching my head on reading through the different APIs which one, if any, I should use for this.

Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Found an answer on a different thread.

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Hi @ocmca - Apologies for the delay here. For now, we encourage Pro API users to continue using the Pro API until there is an equivalent API available on Coinbase Advanced Trading. We expect this later this year. Sign in with Coinbase is not a comparable substitute at this point.

Please let me know if this helps answer your questions.

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Jaw hits the floor. OMG some actual insight for me… I just did a circuitous 3 MONTH long route to here and fell flat yesterday. Now I know my initial direction was correct with Pro API. Unfortunately the Wallet SDK “example” wallet app was a joke (until recently :wink: ) Whoever added the iOS app and corrected the profile/wallet app gets wo/man of the year vote from me.