Advanced Trading API - List Transactions (synchronization)


I am working on an application where we build wallet balances and wallet transactions. For some accounts, when there are lots of transactions, we don’t want to waste resources to fetch the entire transaction history everyday and just synchronize from where we left off. Normally we do this by setting the startTime in other exchange platforms but in Coinbase Advanced Trading API this is not the case, the pagination is done by cursor which brought me the question, how does the cursor get generated, does it remain same over time, or does it get re-generated?

So my initial thought is that if I store the last cursor I pick up transactions from, and next time I visit to fetch transactions, would I be able to continue where I left off without losing any transactions. I am aware that I’d most likely receive the same transactions from the last page but that’s fine since I can compare and discard the duplicated.

If there is a better approach or any suggestions about synchronization, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,

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