Advanced Trade - user channel needs more information for trade fills

Cross-posting from my post under the Advanced Trade API forum - `user` channel order fill notifications need more info


For the websocket user channel, when a trade happens / an order is filled, it would be great if that channel included more info about the trade and the order.

Right now, the Coinbase Advanced Trade API includes the following fields:

    "order_id": "xxx",
    "client_order_id": "xxx",
    "cumulative_quantity": "xxx",
    "leaves_quantity": "xxx",
    "avg_price": "xxx",
    "total_fees": "xxx",
    "status": "FILLED"

Other crypto exchanges include essential info like:

  • the quantity filled on that trade
  • event time
  • market/symbol
  • side i.e. buy or sell
  • type (limit/market/etc)
  • trade ID on the exchange
  • average fill price for that trade (not over the order as a whole)

Thanks very much!