Advanced Trade API - pagination cursor and signatures

I’m running into an issue while trying the new Advanced Trade api when querying the next page of the list accounts endpoint.
First request works like a charm: response contains has_next being true and a cursor uuid as expected. But when I add the cursor to the query string to get the next page, I get HTTP 401 back.
I thought I was building the prehash incorrectly when the query string is present (since the first request works), but he docs are a bit confusing: the text says […] requestPath is the full path (minus the base URL) and query parameters […] but then the code examples leave the query string out :exploding_head:

I tried both ways and still get 401, what am I missing?
Thanks in advance!

Figured it out :heavy_check_mark:

I was incorrectly passing query parameters as the body for the prehash for get requests, my bad!


Hi @marc! We are also investigating your concern but we are glad to know that you were able to resolve the issue.

We appreciate you for providing feedback on our documentation. Rest assured that we will update the documentation to reflect clear and precise instruction.

Thank you and have a nice day!


Glad to hear it, @marc

For reference, we updated the docs around the Advanced Trade requestPath so that there is hopefully no more confusion.