Advanced Trade API: no level 2 data received

Using the Advanced Trade API, I have subscribed to the heartbeats, level2 and market_trades channels for BTC-USD.

Although i receive data from the heartbeats and market_trades channel, I do not receive any data from the level 2 channel.
I used to receive data from the level 2 channel, but for a few days there has been no level 2 data with 10th November being the last day with any level 2 data.
It should also be mentioned that I encountered this issue with all the other instruments, not just BTC-USD.

This is the string I use to subscribe (the {} are replaced with the needed substrings): {{“type”:“subscribe”,“product_ids”:[“{}”],“channel”:“{}”,“signature”:“{}”,“api_key”:“{}”,“timestamp”:“{}”}}

And this is the received confirmation of subscription:

What am I doing wrong? Or is there a Coinbase bug?

I once again receive level 2 data without making any changes.

seems to have been some sort of update issue.

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Hey @dada, the team has deployed few changes. Thank you for confirming that you are able to receive the level 2 data.

If you still have any issues, please let us know.