Advanced Trade API available for retail use globally?

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We heard from someone at Coinbase that Advanced Trade API is only available for larger institutional clients operating with your US entity. Is this accurate?

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Hello @ian-ridian! Please be informed that the newly launched Advanced Trade is actually a retail product that is set to serve individual users around the globe with more advanced trading features. As you may know, this product was put into place in consideration of Coinbase Pro’s sunsetting early this 2023. Coinbase Pro users, who are actually individual traders, are now slowly being migrated to Advanced Trade. This migration then provides them with access to staking, borrow, dapp wallet, and Coinbase Card using a single platform balance.

Institutional clients who are interested into Coinbase’s trading platform are still intended to sign-up for a Coinbase Exchange account, as this product is not affected by the transition from Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade and will continue to operate. To know more about the details of this transition, you may visit the Help Center article. Additionally, for specific details regarding Advanced Trade, you may refer to this FAQ in the Coinbase Cloud documentation.

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Thank you @ereeca15! That’s exactly the clarification I needed :pray:

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Hi @ereeca15, our contact from Coinbase came back to us and clarified that only Advanced Trade UI (as part of Coinbase dashboard) is available to retail globally, but not Advanced Trade API. Is this accurate?

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All good, we were able to hop on a call from Coinbase’s solution team to sort this out. Advanced Trade API is available to retail globally.

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