Advanced API Websocket data for Futures and Perpetuals

Hello, i have fully working ws/rest api in java for Coinbase Advanced-api.
But it fully works only for SPOT

Websocket channels described here:

Streams live data only for SPOT instruments.

FUTURES and PERPETUALS for example BTC-PERP-INTX uppon subscription to ticker channel sends back this message:


And complete silence afterwards.

However REST endpoint using same auth

Sends back proper list of latest trades.

The only channel that works for futs and perps is heartbeats, uppon subscription they send back confirmation and ping messages:


What could be the problem?


@Norbertas-Gaulia - This is Lisa from Coinbase Advanced Trade API team. We are working on support for futures and perpetuals on ticker and L2 channel currently. We will notify you as soon as we have this deployed in production. Thank you for your patience.



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