Advance Trade API - Market Data

I have been trying to access Advance Trade API endpoints -

but getting - unauthorized.

I don’t get why we need to authorize for public data.

And this same goes for web-socket public channels like ticker or level2.

Anyone has any idea about it?

Thanks in advance!

Basically authentication acts as a gatekeeper.

As an example in simple terms, If I wanted to launch a DDOS attack on Coinbase, I could maybe take down a proxy server that handles the authentication, but I would never reach the matching engine. Proxy servers are much faster/cheaper to run, and denying 1,000,000 unauthenticated requests is much easier than handling them on a public endpoint.

Getting a key is free and available to anyone with a Coinbase account, which is also free. Coinbase still has costs associated with running the servers and security, so they curb that by controlling usage.