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Advanced Trade APIs for REST and Websocket protocols are now live and available to all users!!

Advance Trade API docs can be found here

Please share your feedback on the Advanced Trade developer forum and let us know what you think. We’ll be monitoring the forum on a regular basis and provide updates accordingly.

What is happening to the Coinbase Pro APIs?

Coinbase Pro (including Pro APIs) will be fully sunsetted in early 2023, and replaced with Advanced Trade on Coinbase. Customers will be notified 30 days prior to being migrated from Pro API to Advanced Trade API. Once their accounts are migrated, customers will only be able to trade with Advanced Trade API…

In the meantime, we recommend that Pro API customers start transitioning their trading activity to Advanced Trade APIs to start seeing the benefits today…

Note: Exchange API (FIX, REST and Websocket)will continue to be available to Exchange (Institutional) clients.

How do I migrate from Pro API to the new Advanced Trade API?

Pro API users can start migrating today by transferring funds and setting up new API keys. We’ll be sending regular communications and a detailed guide ahead of the hard migration in early 2023. If you are using a third party bot, you will need to regenerate your API keys and update them in the trading bot.

How can I transfer my Coinbase Pro balance to Advanced Trade?

Customers can transfer Pro funds to Coinbase by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to Coinbase Pro and select Portfolios
  2. Choose Withdraw
  3. Select All Portfolios to transfer all assets to Coinbase
  4. Choose Transfer to Coinbase

You can visit Coinbase.com/advanced-trade or tap the Advanced Trade dropdown from the Trade tab in the Coinbase mobile app to get started with Advanced Trade.

Can I use my existing Coinbase Pro API keys to access Advanced Trade?

Customers will not be able to use existing Pro API keys to trade with Advanced Trade.

How do I set up new API keys for Advanced Trade?

Generate an API key and API secret on https://www.coinbase.com/settings/api.

  • There won’t be a passphrase required to setup API keys, unlike Pro.
  • API keys do not have expiration.
  • Users can set view, trade, transfer permissions individually.
  • We encourage users to IP Whitelist.

I utilize the FIX API for my trading. How can I continue to access the FIX API?

Due to low usage among retail users, the FIX API will not be supported on Coinbase Advanced Trade. When the FIX API is sunsetted, we’ll share an interest form for continued access through Coinbase Exchange.


Thanks for posting this update.

I use profolios in Pro to separate multiple similar coin purchases at different prices. Will I be able to create multiple APIs to keep them separate? Can I essentially move each “purchase” from Pro to Advanced one at a time and drop them into an API? I don’t want them mixed to prevent any confusion on which to sell at the best price when the market comes back up.


how can I start and establish rest api connectivity and all of that into my python

Hi @Hispeed,

Thank you for using Coinbase forum, we are happy to help you.

Unfortunately, you cannot create multiple APIs to keep your purchases separate. You must transfer all of your funds to Advanced Trading at once. Refer to Pro API Mapping for a table mapping Coinbase Pro APIs to Advanced Trade and Sign In With Coinbase APIs. See also: How do I transfer all of my funds to Advanced Trading? API Key Authentication.

For migration please refer to this link Migrating from Pro to Advanced Trade | Coinbase Cloud

Hope this helps you, have a good day.

Hi @RiyadM

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To establish REST API connectivity in Python, you can use the requests library. You can install it with pip or easy_install. For example: pip install requests or easy_install requests. Once you have the requests library installed, you can use it to make API calls. You may also need to use authentication methods such as HMAC to securely connect to the API.

For more info please refer to this link Client libraries | Coinbase Cloud

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