A recent send has been delayed (from API)

I run a faucet app that gives away cryptos via the coinbase api. The receiving end can be new (who hasn’t registerered for coinbase yet and can do so via the invite link to the email) or existing coinbase users. A few days ago I started receiving emails saying coinbase sends are being delayed for 72 hours. Although the transaction do eventually complete after 72 hours, it’s posing a very bad experience for my users.

This issue first occured in April 2022 and then it was gone since end of April. Now it’s happening again. Anyone seeing similar issues?

I had not updated my app or modified security settings in the coinbase account.

While I understand Coinbase is trying to protect accounts, this never occurred in the previous 3 years using the API. It is affecting a lot of legitimate accounts.

I subscribe this. I am having the same exact issue.

For me, this started happening on February, and got more stable at the end of April.

After countless tries of contacting the support and getting the same canned responses, I even opened a CFPB complaint, which just got respond like 3 months later saying the the case was solved, closed and I would receive compensation.

Now, the issue is happening again. All transfers pending and dozens of emails claiming that I am a scammer and that I just pretend to be sending the funds.

This is affecting a lot of developers. I hope that there is a proper solution for this issue.

Hello @sparkso and @Ravers! Thank you for taking an interest in our Coinbase API services. For the details regarding your concern, we will check on this for you with our team. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!

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Hey! I’m not sure if that info is helpful at all, but I think it is better to share.

In my case, Coinbase is delaying my transfers as soon as I interact with my account. For example: if I let my account serve my app through the API, I usually don’t have any issues. But as soon as I go to the Coinbase website or app, and do something like converting the funds from one coin to another, boom… Delayed transactions from now on.

After those first delayed transactions, all the following are delayed too. Even if I don’t mess with my account anymore. I have tried to let my account be for like 48 hours after the first delayed transaction, and for that time all transactions were delayed.

The only solution is to disable transactions from my account for like 24 hours. After that cool down, when I return the ability to make transfers, usually my transfers are instant again. As soon as I convert funds or something, they turn delayed again.

It is like Coinbase detecting me doing actions at my PC or IP address, and noticing the same account doing a lot of transactions from another IP, and for that reason, it delays the transactions.

Or this could be a mere coincidence. Just feel that I should share all the information regarding this issue.

Hi @Ravers

We’re sorry to hear about this problem with your account. We’ve looked into this and unfortunately this is not something that we can assist with on the forum, as the delayed transfers are not being caused by our APIs. In order to have this issue investigated further, you should create a support ticket from our Help Center: https://help.coinbase.com/en/contact-us?product=coinbase&topic=trading_and_funding_on_coinbase&category=Send_Receive_Crypto