A few bugs in the Advance Trade api

  1. Get account: Get Account
    The “available_balance.value” field is always zero in the response, but it is good if request is against all accounts, i.e. List Accounts

  2. Create order: Create Order
    If you set order_configuration.limit_limit_gtc.post_only to True when creating an passive order and then using the get order api to retrieve the order back: Get Order, the “post_only” field is False.

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Hi @dpkw, thanks for flagging this! We are currently investigating your concern, we will keep you posted once we have updates. We would also like to inform you that although some features of Advanced Trade were already made public, the launched Advanced Trade API is in Beta which means that it is still in the stage of development and that the Team is still hard at work building all the remaining APIs and its corresponding documentation. Therefore, you might expect to encounter minor bugs and endpoints that may not work as expected. However, rest assured that it will be fixed anytime soon. For now may we ask for the following as this will be useful upon our investigation:

  • A screenshot showing the endpoint responses together with the issues you are encountering. Please leave out any sensitive information
  • Your code snippet when requesting these API endpoints

Once you send us the information requested, we’ll work quickly to address your concern. Looking forward to your response and have a nice day!